Jon Bellion – “Human”

I always fear that I’m not living right.

So I feel guilty when I go to church.

The pastor tells me I’ve been saved, I’m fine.

Then please explain to me why my chest still hurts.

Jon Bellion- “Human”

Reading these lyrics from a snippet of my favorite song always reminds me of exactly what it feels like to be human. This song is full of heart, it wraps so many emotions into words that I could not have said better myself. It expresses the whirlwind of life felt every day by so many people.

Although this song is not the exact representation of my life, the emotions are felt and I understand what the artist wants to say. Many lyrics confuse and faintly entertain, but few open up and touch the true meaning. There are many times when I sing along to a song and never understand what is meant by it. I am not saying I do not enjoy these songs, there are times, however, that knowing the meaning of the words holds a lot of feeling and allows us to really attach to a song.

This is just a simple song that touched me, a song introduced to me by a friend in passing but has opened my eyes to this amazing singer. Jon Bellion is not a perfect man, but who is? He sings of his mistakes and of his fortunes, he adds humor to beats and just enjoys the music he performs. I will admit not all of his songs are something to exemplify, but there is something entrancing about the music made. Take a look at him, and see what you think!

Other songs by him:

“Maybe IDK”

“Hand of God”

“Ungrateful Eyes”


Dirty Cup Acrylic Pour

Hey everyone!

It has been a minute since I last wrote on here, life has gotten busy and some things go by the wayside. But here I am again!

This post will be different than my usual ones, it involves getting messy with assorted paint colors! Your end result will look something like the picture below. Ready to begin?


Everything used here can be found at your local Walmart. To start, you will need: simple canvas any size of your choosing, Apple Barrel acrylic paints, Folk Art metallic finish paint, craft sticks, and Mod Podge (Super Gloss Brilliant) ; all of which can be found in the craft aisle. Down the plastic wear aisle you will need the small clear cups labeled “Bath Cups” and a package of red solo cups. This next item is out of the ordinary when it comes to painting, just bear with me. Grab a can of spray WD-40, I advise getting the water-resistant silicone but the regular mix works too. Finally, for the last item you will want to buy is an aluminum foil disposable pan to catch all the paint drippings. The size of the pan depends on how large of a canvas you wish to paint. Drop cloths also work to cover your work space.

Once you have all your items, set up your space to begin this fun project! Excuse the messy background and drip pan, but you are going to want to set your canvas up on four cups for stability. This also allows for air to get underneath which aids in the drying process of the painting.


Everything looking good? Just make sure theres enough space to pour and that it is in an area you won’t have to move it for multiple hours (dry time takes a while). I preferred pouring each color paint and Mod Podge into an individual cup, making sure to mix them periodically to keep them fluid.


Now, lets make a dirty cup! As you can see, my red solo cup is already stained from a previous project, but that does not effect the new one. First, pour in the Mod Podge to fill just the bottom and add alternating layers of paint and WD-40. The colors will mesh a bit, the whole goal is to make sure they do not blend together. Avoid shaking or mixing the contents during this process.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Your layers will turn out looking something similar to this:

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 3.19.24 PM

Now, for the next to last step we need to spread and pour the mixture onto the blank canvas. This is the most exciting and nervous moment about this technique of painting! Just know, there are no guarantees about how it will turn out and know that every time it is done you will get varying results.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Depending on how much liquid was in your cup, you may have to refill it and do a second and maybe even a third pour. This will add more visual to your piece and makes it that much more unique. Once you pour enough paint out, tilt the canvas to spread the colors evenly around.

When I first poured out my cup I could not see much of the gold color I really wanted to show. However, when I started spreading out the paint colors began to appear and waves formed. I could not fill the entire canvas by merely tilting it, so this is when I got to do a little finger painting. To do this, I used the drippings on the pan and poked, spread, and smeared the colors around the edges.


A bit of advice, if you just have the drip pan you may want to place an old towel around to avoid a huge mess in your work area. I splattered on my table a bit, but since it is acrylic paint it wipes up easily.

Since this is one of the last steps, our work is almost done! All there is left is to let it dry, and unfortunately the drying process does not leave the painting nice and glossy. The paint dries matte, but that is nothing to worry about. To get a complete dry, I left my painting out overnight and ensured the dryness by light touches on thicker paint spots. Once positive it is dry, pour a decent amount of Mod Podge into the center and spread it around again with the tilting technique used on the paint. One of the craft sticks can aid in this, use one to smear the gloss.


Wait until this last layer dries and enjoy your new modern piece of art! Choose whichever colors that go with your tastes, almost anything will work. I hope you enjoyed this little DIY and I would love to see your attempts at this intriguing piece.


Have fun! Thanks for reading and have a good Sunday.

Back At It Again!


Hey There!

It has sadly been a moment since I worked on my blog page… But, putting all that aside, here I am again!

The little #OOTD pictured above features one of my absolute FAVORITE kimonos! The colors are some of my go-to’s, maroon, green, and cream. My closet it full of items that are pretty basic; so when I layer on something this adorable, it takes the outfit to a whole new level! PLUS, living here in Texas, we know it gets pretty toasty and a kimono is just light enough to still catch a breeze.

Something that is not visible, bralettes! They have become yet another one of my clothing obsessions, I really cannot live without these sweet additions. I wear bralettes with everything when it gets hot out. The daintiness adds a touch of lace to an outfit, and you do not have the bulkiness of pads. Unfortunately, I do not have one specific location where I buy mine, but lucky for you they are located everywhere. (Victoria’s SecretForever 21Urban Outfitters)

Oh, and we cannot forget block heels! The ones here are a simple style from Old Navy with an inch heel (I can barely walk with anything higher- LOL). They are super comfortable and help boost my outfit confidence by a couple notches when I slip them on. Another one of my go-to pieces that you will probably see more often as I build my blog back up!


Head to toe fashion has alway been a passion of mine, and I hope that I can inspire you in your every day styles. More posts will be coming your way soon! No more slacking off from my side, keep your eyes peeled to new tips and day to day life!











Easy Breezy


Light airy clothes are the goal when it comes to summer in the south. Tank tops and sandals yes please! Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t look hot too. Once you have the cool outfit, don’t forget to sit back and drink yourself a cold glass sweet tea.  Stay breezy my friends!

Feline Family

The feline family is a group of finicky creatures with reatractable claws and loose hair follicles. From the great lions to the munchkins, they are all of an odd character, and my kitty is no different. My cat is either my best bud, or we come toe-to-toe (wanna box?).

To first begin, let me describe her to you. She is what is known as a “Muted Calico,” which is a mixture of dusky-grey, burnt-orange, and bright-white (Fun Fact: only female cats are calico, they also tend to live the longest, and they are the awnriest). These beautiful colors come together on a petite fat cat, oxymoron I know, but it is truly the only way I know how to explain it. This cat is all of like, eight pounds, but she is ROUND. She sits down and makes a sphere, not even joking around here, she is literally a PUFF BALL. 

But enough of that, when I say she is my best bud, I mean we do all things together (all things inside the house that is, she refuses to go outside but that is for another day). I I am home, it is guarateed that she is somewhere nearby. At night, she sleeps with me. In the morning, she accompanies me to breakfast when no one else is awake. During the day, she occupies my room. Then in the evening when I have returned home, she insists on “helping” me with my homework.

ALl these things are really and truly sweet when you look at the big picture, but let me go into more detail. At night, while I am trying to get comfortable in bed, she believes her comfort comes first and will promptly plop down wherever she seems fit. Then, when I go to have my bowl of cereal, it is a regular occurance for her to try to shove her head in the bowl (she is fat because I relent to her persistance). Oh, I had mentioned previously that she has brilliantly white fur and during the day she lounges on everything, I mean everything… Because she has an endless amount of time on her paws, there is nothing she will not try to lay on at least once. But her favorite things are always made of a black material. Whenever an animal with white fur comes into contact with a black item, it never ends well. This is what has put us (mainly just me) at our wit’s end. Black material is a very strong magnet for white fur, and my cat is a magnet for black. It is a mixture that leaves me a very unhappy cat owner (all cat owners probably feel the same).

However, even though she frustrates me with her sleeping arrangements, I still have affections for my fat cat. Lint rollers are my best friend, and that is alright with me. We come toe to toe and back again on a daily basis, but what relationship is not likfe that? She is part of my family, and there is always love for her, no matter how much fur I have on my black clothing…

Day To Day

“When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’ What she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I am today.'” -Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran is a British author and a very opinionated woman. She is quoted for many things, including  the one I have placed above. I chose this particular quote because it couldn’t be more accurate for me personally. Every day I am slightly different, every day I express more of myself in the outfit I wear than through actual words.

I never stay with one style, I jump from this to that. Some people might say that is chaotic and indecisive. I say it makes things interesting. Not every day am I feeling the pink and butterflies, then again not every day am I feeling the grey, rainy day vibe.

From yesterday to today, I have completely flipped what I wore. Yesterday, I wore vibrant, flowing pieces. I even danced in the street laughing! Just simply being silly and enjoying the day. (By the way, this outfit is entirely from Plato’s Closet.)

But today is a different day, today is dark and rainy. Today I wore dark colors, items that don’t draw attention and create a peppy atmosphere. More of a serious outfit that doesn’t bring an awe factor. It’s simply put, an average outfit.


Much of my fashion choices do include the weather forecast (I check The forecast every morning). But I also wear what I’m feeling. Most girls do, I mean, if you don’t feel so hot, you know you reach for those favored sweat pants or leggings. But if you feel on top of the world, you reach for those jaw dropping items that make people go ‘wow’.  You feel good, you look good, that’s just how it works.

Each day is something new to be experienced, and each day gives me the chance to mix and match my clothes. I’m not one to stick to one style, I experiment and try all kinds. In no way am I bashing those who stick to a genre of clothes, it’s just not my way. I attempt to rock them all, bringing my own twist to everything.

Instead of copying something exactly, I enjoy making the outfit my own. Making the style suit me no matter what it might be. Grunge, girly, boho, chic, I have attempted them all. But each time I do, it’s not someone else’s idea. I encourage you to do the same. Make the outfit you, make it speak of how you feel and how you want to be seen. No, it’s not all about the clothes, but they do help us reveal things about ourselves. Whatever you feel, whatever you want to convey to the world, do it in your way. Love your fashion, and most importantly love yourself.

Double Duty

I have just recently been drafted into the work force, and let me tell ya… it’s an experience. Double-duty: full time schooling and a part time job, nothing will tax your sleep more.

When I originally went searching for a job, I didn’t take into consideration that my sleep would be the first to be jeopardized. Since starting, the answer to a lot of questions is, “I’m…tired.” Those of you on double-duty can attest to that too. We are a sleepless bunch of people.

But beyond complaints, I have it great. For one, I work with clothes (my obsession), two, my bosses are great, and three, who doesn’t like a paycheck?

When I say I work with clothes, I don’t mean the typical retail store. I work at Plato’s Closet and I’m surrounded by all kinds of brands and styles. Some days the motion of working is easy and slow, while other days it’s a nonstop hustle. Not to mention all kinds of people, everyday is an experience like no other. It’s a constant adaptation to meet the needs of each new customer and balance the work load.

Now that I work around clothing, the biggest thing that stands out to me is a crooked hanger. When it’s all askew, man, nothing catches my attention more. Not only that, I avoid my own closet now. I mean, yes I pick out my outfits, but that is like, the extent of my closet endeavors. The idea of organizing hangers and then going home and organizing my own hangers…lets just say it brings me pain to think about. I mean, it’s not that I’m disorganized in the first place (I do have this tendency to obsessively clean). The only difference is between pre-job and now is, now I just leave my closet doors shut more often. Heck! Sometimes, I even ignore that I have hangers, my clothes hover! That’s the straight truth right there…(well maybe I fib, but shhh!)

Another thing that just grabs my attention is, (this is easy to guess) the clothes! I have been asked a multitude of questions like “do you have enough room in your closet for more clothes?” “where do you shop now?” “what is your paycheck spent on?” and of course other similar questions.

When I am asked if I have enough room in my closet for more clothes, the answer is always well, duh! I will make room if I have too. But ironically enough, my closet actually had less clothes. Newer items, but fewer items. Since starting, I have brought in more clothes to sell than I have actually purchased (Plato’s Closet buys trendy clothes for cash on the spot).

I have lessened my clothing by deciding that I only need one of a specific item. For example, a striped shirt, I have one short sleeve and one long sleeve. That’s all I need with stripes. Or even my jeans. I have three pairs of denim, dark, medium, and light. All my basic necessities covered right there with just three pair. Don’t get me wrong, I still have multiples of some things, like kimonos and flannels, but you can’t go wrong with those items, right?? (RIGHT!)

Another tip I have just recently happened upon (this is if you’re wanting to slim your closet down), if it doesn’t fit comfortably, out it goes. Shoes, pants, shirts, if you’re not comfortable in it, it shouldn’t stay in your closet. That unworn item is just wasting precious space!

When I am asked my where I shop now, the basic answer is most definitely Plato’s Closet. I spend hours there a week, yes I’m going to spot some must-have items. Even so, I can’t live without my Old Navy Jeans. All three pair of jeans that I have are from Old Navy. I also still love to browse the Target section. Many (and I mean many) items in my closet are from Target Clearance. However, I have less of that urge to go shopping, I instead have the urge to go napping. Some things get flip flopped in your life, it happens.

And if you didn’t catch it in the last part, the main place I shop is Plato’s Closet…so the main place my paycheck is spent at is, Plato’s Closet. I am partially ashamed of that fact, but I am proud to admit I sell more than I buy.

To finish up, I understand that there are downfalls to working in high school, like no time for sleep and no time for friends. But there are upsides too, like learning how to manage your time. It’ll be a necessity one day for us, that makes it best to learn it now rather than later.



Penny Pincher

I like long romantic walks to the sales section.

Being completely honest, shopping is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, it has some out-of-pocket costs. Not all of us are millionares and our shopping tendancies need to reflect that. Three huge tips I can offer are: budgeting, thrift stores, and sales sections.

Before going shopping, set a spending limit. The money might be burning a hole in your pocket, but don’t let all the money slip from your fingers. When browsing, use your phone’s calculator to estimate the price of the items you’ve grabbed, if it exceeds your budget lose some not so needed pieces. Don’t forget to calculate in tax. When you set this budget for yourself, you need to make sure you stick to it!

To help with a clothes budget, go shopping at thrift stores. There you can find used clothing with brands you love! It is more time consuming finding something you like, but that is where the fun comes in. Have a keen eye for any flaws in the clothing. Take your time in these stores. If you just keep searching, you might just find the diamond in the ruff.

If you’re not one to shop second hand, sales sections are your next bet. Don’t even look at the regular priced items, scope out the sales and beeline for the savings. If it’s a store wide sale, look for the most savings. Your wallet will thank you for these two decisions.

To add to the known sections of saving, there are hacks that people don’t even know about! Below are just some of the basic stores:

Kohl’s Hacks

  • Spend $48-not $50- to get $10 Kohl’s Cash
  • The best time to shop is 3pm Friday to 1pm Saturday
  • Look for price tags with a square in the corner
  • And more! Check the link for Kohl’s savings

Target Hacks

  • Know the weekly markdown schedule  (Monday: Kids’ clothing Tuesday: Women’s clothing Wednesday: Men’s Clothing, Health and Beauty Friday:  Cosmetics, Jewelry)
  • Search end caps
  • Print store coupons
  • 17 more tips waiting in the Target Hacks link!


T.J. Max Hacks

  • Best time to shop wednesday morning
  • Yellow price tags mean final mark down
  • Check clearance for your item
  • 16 more tricks for T.J Max in the link

Forever 21 Tips (this is not a sales hack, rather tips for shopping)

  • You will never get your money back. Ever.

(LOVE what you’ve picked out and check to make sure it it has no flaws)

  • Browse accesories AFTER fitting rooms
  • Clothng cannot be taken off a manequin
  • Each room or section at a F21 store is merchandised to cater to a certain type of girl.
  • You get what you pay for
  • F21 Secret Student Discount (college students)

American Eagle Outfitters

Plato’s Closet  (Grab Bag Sale)

  • Arrive early
  • Divide and conquer
  • Check the tags
  • Check the link for more on how to survive and make the most of this sale!

Printable Coupons – check out what stores might have extra savings


Most shopping trips include a stop at Starbuck’s, but learn how to not blow your money there either! Use these tips to further your savings:



Credit is due to:

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Heather Schisler


The Queen Bre

The Soles of Our Outfits

“Good shoes take you good places.”

Every outfit has to have its final touches which include the most important part of the look, shoes. Sneakers, flats, heels, loafers, flip flops, moccasins, the list is endless. Each pair of shoes has its own personality and brings a different depth to an outfit.

Since you can’t leave the house without them, they’re the only piece that is never forgotten. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and make up, are all items that can be left at home, but not once have I ever over looked my shoes. Shoes are unforgettable.

Those who see your outfit shouldn’t forget the shoes either.  Your shoes should grab attention and complete a wardrobe. They set the mood of any look. For example sneakers mean casual and comfort whereas heels mean business and style. The look you are trying to achieve should be expressed most in the shoes you wear.

A pair of shoes can make or break a look. I personally try on a couple pair before deciding what looks best. Some of my favorite include; Suede Booties, Fabulous Fit Flat- Modcloth, and Red Keds Amazon.



The Suede Booties are wonderful with anything. Boots are fantastic in the fall, winter, and spring. So far I have worn them end of fall beginning of winter with jeans, dresses, and skirts. They’re what I call, heels disguised as boots. The two inch heels lift you up physically and emotionally, I always feel great when I wear these beauties. They are my go-to boots for almost any outfit.

The next shoe, Fabulous Fit Flat, are adorable and very girly. Any outfit I want to add a splash of pink to, these are the deal. When I first purchased them, they were a bit snug and rubbed my feet. Now that they’re broken in however, they are perfect. The style of these are so exotic that they’ll catch your attention.

Then finally my Red Keds, which I got from Goodwill, but can be found on Amazon. They are a narrow fit shoe and are not made for those with a wider foot. I love-love-love these though. They take a basic white tee and jeans outfit up a level with the bold addition of color. Because they are a sneaker, it is the look of ease and comfort.


Shoe shopping is a pastime that any girl can enjoy, especially when you find the pair. You know, the pair you just can’t resist buying. Something about them just draws your eye and you can’t help yourself, you want those shoes.

I had one of those moments, love at first sight if I am completely honest. Powdery blue color, soft material, all around easy on the eyes. I had to have them…and sure enough they came home with me that day.


But this is a rare occurance for me, shoes aren’t what I go searching for first. My intitial interest is the sales section, but that is for a different day.

The shoes you wear is your choice, and the shoes you fall in love with can be unexpected. But take chances with your shoes, walk boldly and enjoy it. Whatever your taste in shoes might be, don’t be afraid to wear them. Striking, slouchy, or just every-day, make sure it expresses you and your style.

The Holidays

Tis’ the season to be jolly!

Decorator’s Warehouse holds more Christmas decorations than even imaginable! Trees, ornaments, nativity sets, Santa Clauses, and everything in between. If you love Christmas, it’s the place to be and to be merry.


Since it is Christmas time, I figured I’d snap some themed photos feauring these items. Jacket: Faux Leather , Lace Top: Metallic Lace Top , and the shoes  which are featured in a previous post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Decorator’s Warehouse 

I absolutely loved all the glittering lights and merry music that played throughout this store. It was overwhelming at first, but by the end of the visit you don’t really want to leave! There’s so much to look at that you worry you might miss something, so you just keep looking. If you’re a Christmas fan of any kind, seriously go visit when you get the chance.

The outfit I’m wearing, I pieced it together with some apprehension. Light colors are something that you have to be careful with. You don’t want to blend the pieces together, there has to be distinguishing features. For example, I layered a dark color underneath the lace shirt and dark denim jeans were also added to darken the look of this outfit.

Another key concept that I base all my outfits off of is its comfort level. If you’re not comfortable in the look, you won’t be comfortable at all. Before picking these particular pieces, I had pieced together another outfit. That outfit wasn’t pleasant to be in, so I promptly changed. This is important, because if you enjoy what you wear your mood will be lighter.

When I am pleased with my outfit, chances are, that day will be great. No, it’s not always a given fact that the day will be amazing just because  you’re wearing a cute ensemble. An outfit can be on point and the day might turn out to be a dud, but it feels nice to dress well. Even so, it never hurts to play a little dress up and put a smile on your face


To all of you reading this, have a Merry Christmas and may your gifts be chic. Appreciate the holiday for more than just the gifts though, because it’s not all about the presents but His Presence.