Jon Bellion – “Human”

I always fear that I’m not living right.

So I feel guilty when I go to church.

The pastor tells me I’ve been saved, I’m fine.

Then please explain to me why my chest still hurts.

Jon Bellion- “Human”

Reading these lyrics from a snippet of my favorite song always reminds me of exactly what it feels like to be human. This song is full of heart, it wraps so many emotions into words that I could not have said better myself. It expresses the whirlwind of life felt every day by so many people.

Although this song is not the exact representation of my life, the emotions are felt and I understand what the artist wants to say. Many lyrics confuse and faintly entertain, but few open up and touch the true meaning. There are many times when I sing along to a song and never understand what is meant by it. I am not saying I do not enjoy these songs, there are times, however, that knowing the meaning of the words holds a lot of feeling and allows us to really attach to a song.

This is just a simple song that touched me, a song introduced to me by a friend in passing but has opened my eyes to this amazing singer. Jon Bellion is not a perfect man, but who is? He sings of his mistakes and of his fortunes, he adds humor to beats and just enjoys the music he performs. I will admit not all of his songs are something to exemplify, but there is something entrancing about the music made. Take a look at him, and see what you think!

Other songs by him:

“Maybe IDK”

“Hand of God”

“Ungrateful Eyes”


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