Back At It Again!


Hey There!

It has sadly been a moment since I worked on my blog page… But, putting all that aside, here I am again!

The little #OOTD pictured above features one of my absolute FAVORITE kimonos! The colors are some of my go-to’s, maroon, green, and cream. My closet it full of items that are pretty basic; so when I layer on something this adorable, it takes the outfit to a whole new level! PLUS, living here in Texas, we know it gets pretty toasty and a kimono is just light enough to still catch a breeze.

Something that is not visible, bralettes! They have become yet another one of my clothing obsessions, I really cannot live without these sweet additions. I wear bralettes with everything when it gets hot out. The daintiness adds a touch of lace to an outfit, and you do not have the bulkiness of pads. Unfortunately, I do not have one specific location where I buy mine, but lucky for you they are located everywhere. (Victoria’s SecretForever 21Urban Outfitters)

Oh, and we cannot forget block heels! The ones here are a simple style from Old Navy with an inch heel (I can barely walk with anything higher- LOL). They are super comfortable and help boost my outfit confidence by a couple notches when I slip them on. Another one of my go-to pieces that you will probably see more often as I build my blog back up!


Head to toe fashion has alway been a passion of mine, and I hope that I can inspire you in your every day styles. More posts will be coming your way soon! No more slacking off from my side, keep your eyes peeled to new tips and day to day life!












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