Feline Family

The feline family is a group of finicky creatures with reatractable claws and loose hair follicles. From the great lions to the munchkins, they are all of an odd character, and my kitty is no different. My cat is either my best bud, or we come toe-to-toe (wanna box?).

To first begin, let me describe her to you. She is what is known as a “Muted Calico,” which is a mixture of dusky-grey, burnt-orange, and bright-white (Fun Fact: only female cats are calico, they also tend to live the longest, and they are the awnriest). These beautiful colors come together on a petite fat cat, oxymoron I know, but it is truly the only way I know how to explain it. This cat is all of like, eight pounds, but she is ROUND. She sits down and makes a sphere, not even joking around here, she is literally a PUFF BALL. 

But enough of that, when I say she is my best bud, I mean we do all things together (all things inside the house that is, she refuses to go outside but that is for another day). I I am home, it is guarateed that she is somewhere nearby. At night, she sleeps with me. In the morning, she accompanies me to breakfast when no one else is awake. During the day, she occupies my room. Then in the evening when I have returned home, she insists on “helping” me with my homework.

ALl these things are really and truly sweet when you look at the big picture, but let me go into more detail. At night, while I am trying to get comfortable in bed, she believes her comfort comes first and will promptly plop down wherever she seems fit. Then, when I go to have my bowl of cereal, it is a regular occurance for her to try to shove her head in the bowl (she is fat because I relent to her persistance). Oh, I had mentioned previously that she has brilliantly white fur and during the day she lounges on everything, I mean everything… Because she has an endless amount of time on her paws, there is nothing she will not try to lay on at least once. But her favorite things are always made of a black material. Whenever an animal with white fur comes into contact with a black item, it never ends well. This is what has put us (mainly just me) at our wit’s end. Black material is a very strong magnet for white fur, and my cat is a magnet for black. It is a mixture that leaves me a very unhappy cat owner (all cat owners probably feel the same).

However, even though she frustrates me with her sleeping arrangements, I still have affections for my fat cat. Lint rollers are my best friend, and that is alright with me. We come toe to toe and back again on a daily basis, but what relationship is not likfe that? She is part of my family, and there is always love for her, no matter how much fur I have on my black clothing…


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