Double Duty

I have just recently been drafted into the work force, and let me tell ya… it’s an experience. Double-duty: full time schooling and a part time job, nothing will tax your sleep more.

When I originally went searching for a job, I didn’t take into consideration that my sleep would be the first to be jeopardized. Since starting, the answer to a lot of questions is, “I’m…tired.” Those of you on double-duty can attest to that too. We are a sleepless bunch of people.

But beyond complaints, I have it great. For one, I work with clothes (my obsession), two, my bosses are great, and three, who doesn’t like a paycheck?

When I say I work with clothes, I don’t mean the typical retail store. I work at Plato’s Closet and I’m surrounded by all kinds of brands and styles. Some days the motion of working is easy and slow, while other days it’s a nonstop hustle. Not to mention all kinds of people, everyday is an experience like no other. It’s a constant adaptation to meet the needs of each new customer and balance the work load.

Now that I work around clothing, the biggest thing that stands out to me is a crooked hanger. When it’s all askew, man, nothing catches my attention more. Not only that, I avoid my own closet now. I mean, yes I pick out my outfits, but that is like, the extent of my closet endeavors. The idea of organizing hangers and then going home and organizing my own hangers…lets just say it brings me pain to think about. I mean, it’s not that I’m disorganized in the first place (I do have this tendency to obsessively clean). The only difference is between pre-job and now is, now I just leave my closet doors shut more often. Heck! Sometimes, I even ignore that I have hangers, my clothes hover! That’s the straight truth right there…(well maybe I fib, but shhh!)

Another thing that just grabs my attention is, (this is easy to guess) the clothes! I have been asked a multitude of questions like “do you have enough room in your closet for more clothes?” “where do you shop now?” “what is your paycheck spent on?” and of course other similar questions.

When I am asked if I have enough room in my closet for more clothes, the answer is always well, duh! I will make room if I have too. But ironically enough, my closet actually had less clothes. Newer items, but fewer items. Since starting, I have brought in more clothes to sell than I have actually purchased (Plato’s Closet buys trendy clothes for cash on the spot).

I have lessened my clothing by deciding that I only need one of a specific item. For example, a striped shirt, I have one short sleeve and one long sleeve. That’s all I need with stripes. Or even my jeans. I have three pairs of denim, dark, medium, and light. All my basic necessities covered right there with just three pair. Don’t get me wrong, I still have multiples of some things, like kimonos and flannels, but you can’t go wrong with those items, right?? (RIGHT!)

Another tip I have just recently happened upon (this is if you’re wanting to slim your closet down), if it doesn’t fit comfortably, out it goes. Shoes, pants, shirts, if you’re not comfortable in it, it shouldn’t stay in your closet. That unworn item is just wasting precious space!

When I am asked my where I shop now, the basic answer is most definitely Plato’s Closet. I spend hours there a week, yes I’m going to spot some must-have items. Even so, I can’t live without my Old Navy Jeans. All three pair of jeans that I have are from Old Navy. I also still love to browse the Target section. Many (and I mean many) items in my closet are from Target Clearance. However, I have less of that urge to go shopping, I instead have the urge to go napping. Some things get flip flopped in your life, it happens.

And if you didn’t catch it in the last part, the main place I shop is Plato’s Closet…so the main place my paycheck is spent at is, Plato’s Closet. I am partially ashamed of that fact, but I am proud to admit I sell more than I buy.

To finish up, I understand that there are downfalls to working in high school, like no time for sleep and no time for friends. But there are upsides too, like learning how to manage your time. It’ll be a necessity one day for us, that makes it best to learn it now rather than later.




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