Penny Pincher

I like long romantic walks to the sales section.

Being completely honest, shopping is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, it has some out-of-pocket costs. Not all of us are millionares and our shopping tendancies need to reflect that. Three huge tips I can offer are: budgeting, thrift stores, and sales sections.

Before going shopping, set a spending limit. The money might be burning a hole in your pocket, but don’t let all the money slip from your fingers. When browsing, use your phone’s calculator to estimate the price of the items you’ve grabbed, if it exceeds your budget lose some not so needed pieces. Don’t forget to calculate in tax. When you set this budget for yourself, you need to make sure you stick to it!

To help with a clothes budget, go shopping at thrift stores. There you can find used clothing with brands you love! It is more time consuming finding something you like, but that is where the fun comes in. Have a keen eye for any flaws in the clothing. Take your time in these stores. If you just keep searching, you might just find the diamond in the ruff.

If you’re not one to shop second hand, sales sections are your next bet. Don’t even look at the regular priced items, scope out the sales and beeline for the savings. If it’s a store wide sale, look for the most savings. Your wallet will thank you for these two decisions.

To add to the known sections of saving, there are hacks that people don’t even know about! Below are just some of the basic stores:

Kohl’s Hacks

  • Spend $48-not $50- to get $10 Kohl’s Cash
  • The best time to shop is 3pm Friday to 1pm Saturday
  • Look for price tags with a square in the corner
  • And more! Check the link for Kohl’s savings

Target Hacks

  • Know the weekly markdown schedule  (Monday: Kids’ clothing Tuesday: Women’s clothing Wednesday: Men’s Clothing, Health and Beauty Friday:  Cosmetics, Jewelry)
  • Search end caps
  • Print store coupons
  • 17 more tips waiting in the Target Hacks link!


T.J. Max Hacks

  • Best time to shop wednesday morning
  • Yellow price tags mean final mark down
  • Check clearance for your item
  • 16 more tricks for T.J Max in the link

Forever 21 Tips (this is not a sales hack, rather tips for shopping)

  • You will never get your money back. Ever.

(LOVE what you’ve picked out and check to make sure it it has no flaws)

  • Browse accesories AFTER fitting rooms
  • Clothng cannot be taken off a manequin
  • Each room or section at a F21 store is merchandised to cater to a certain type of girl.
  • You get what you pay for
  • F21 Secret Student Discount (college students)

American Eagle Outfitters

Plato’s Closet  (Grab Bag Sale)

  • Arrive early
  • Divide and conquer
  • Check the tags
  • Check the link for more on how to survive and make the most of this sale!

Printable Coupons – check out what stores might have extra savings


Most shopping trips include a stop at Starbuck’s, but learn how to not blow your money there either! Use these tips to further your savings:



Credit is due to:

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Heather Schisler


The Queen Bre


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