The Holidays

Tis’ the season to be jolly!

Decorator’s Warehouse holds more Christmas decorations than even imaginable! Trees, ornaments, nativity sets, Santa Clauses, and everything in between. If you love Christmas, it’s the place to be and to be merry.


Since it is Christmas time, I figured I’d snap some themed photos feauring these items. Jacket: Faux Leather , Lace Top: Metallic Lace Top , and the shoes  which are featured in a previous post.

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Decorator’s Warehouse 

I absolutely loved all the glittering lights and merry music that played throughout this store. It was overwhelming at first, but by the end of the visit you don’t really want to leave! There’s so much to look at that you worry you might miss something, so you just keep looking. If you’re a Christmas fan of any kind, seriously go visit when you get the chance.

The outfit I’m wearing, I pieced it together with some apprehension. Light colors are something that you have to be careful with. You don’t want to blend the pieces together, there has to be distinguishing features. For example, I layered a dark color underneath the lace shirt and dark denim jeans were also added to darken the look of this outfit.

Another key concept that I base all my outfits off of is its comfort level. If you’re not comfortable in the look, you won’t be comfortable at all. Before picking these particular pieces, I had pieced together another outfit. That outfit wasn’t pleasant to be in, so I promptly changed. This is important, because if you enjoy what you wear your mood will be lighter.

When I am pleased with my outfit, chances are, that day will be great. No, it’s not always a given fact that the day will be amazing just because  you’re wearing a cute ensemble. An outfit can be on point and the day might turn out to be a dud, but it feels nice to dress well. Even so, it never hurts to play a little dress up and put a smile on your face


To all of you reading this, have a Merry Christmas and may your gifts be chic. Appreciate the holiday for more than just the gifts though, because it’s not all about the presents but His Presence. 


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