What to Layer?

“I’m sorry for what I wore when it was cold…”

It starts getting cold outside and the immediate response, wear the warmest sweat-shirt. All of us are culprits on this one, there is no getting around it. It’s is a fact of life: we get cold, we want/seek comfort.

Layering our clothes to keep warm doesn’t always come as naturally as  grabbing the nearest sweatshirt  and wearing it. Yes, lazy days are acceptable! Nobody looks perfect all the time (waking up in the morning is a reminder of that). But push through that difficulty, it’s worth it.

It is more of a challenge, but you can still look adorable when the weather is slighty chilly. Layering, layering, layering. It is an essential key to year round fashion. Nothing can be more beneficial than knowing how to do this little trick. The advice I follow is pretty basic…

Layering Tips: As We Stumble Along

1. Choose a Base Item

2. Pick Accessory Items

3. Add Actual Accessories


After understanding the “Basics of Layering” I started piecing this outfit together.

1. Just like the list says, I picked out my base item the maroon shirt (Mine was found at Cato Fashions, but a similar one can be found at Charlotte Russe ).

2. After that I chose the cropped sweater to add a pop of pattern (Mine was found at Plato’s Closet, the brand is Charlotte Russe).

3. Then finally: the boots, necklace, chunky watch, and jeans were added to complete the look.

4. (not on the list) Fix the pieces to blend together: roll base sleeves over top, adjust pants to fit over the boots, adjust necklace length


These tips can be applied to any outfit, it doesn’t have to be these exact items. I have integrated it into many outfits; flannels under sweaters, cardigans over button ups, dainty shirts under long sleeves. Take your pick! The fun comes in making the outfit. Not only that, warmth comes with layers (I personally add a Camisole under every outfit for more warmth). And if it gets even chillier outside, jackets are always a wonderful addition to an outfit.

Play around with this knowledge, try new things with your clothes! You might just be surprised with what you can come up with. I’d love feedback, show me anything you try out.

Remember: if you love your fashion, that’s all that matters. Be comfortable in the style you wear, do what pleases you and be bold.




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