Blanket Scarf

“Winter was made for warm blankets and large books.” (Unknown)

This is a statement I wholeheartedly agree with, nothing is better than cuddling up on the couch with a big book and a fluffy blanket. Personally, my favorite winter days are spent inside, avoiding the cold, engrossed in a book. The unfortunate part though, not every chilly day can be spent in this fashion.

For most of us, work and school are the main factor that prohibits us from just lounging around all day. This fact is really unfortunate to think about, we don’t get never ending lazy days. Not only do we have to go out into society, we have to leave our blankets at home. We can’t rock the toddler-with-blankie look, no matter how much we want to (it’s just not as cute on us!). But there is another option that’s not fashionably frowned upon; the Blanket Scarf.

This scarf is one of my favorite pieces, so much so that I own multiple in different colors. With all the colors in the scarf pictured above, it can be worn with a multitude of colors and outfits. Green, navy, red, are all displayed beautifully in this particuar scarf. It holds enough personality in itself that it doesn’t always need additional flare.

What I am seen wearing with it is a simple cream knit sweater, dark denim jeans, and suede booties. I have dressed casually, using the scarf as the main point of interest and intrigue for the outfit. But I’ve seen it dressed up, with jewelry and accessories to give it more pizazz. Both casual and dressy are equally chic in there own way!

Other accesories that have been paired with the scarf include; blazers, chunky bracelets, jean jackets, large purses, floppy hats, the list continues on! Anything goes with this scarf, except maybe plaid on plaid, but you be the judge of that. Afterall, it’s your style. Love the way you look, and love the clothes you wear. No judgement can bother you when you have your own confidence.

Blanket Scarf (Plaid Wrap)- Plaid Wrap- Francesca’s

Sweater (Similar)- Old Navy Sweater

Suede Booties- Owen Light Taupe

Denim Blue Jeans- Body Central, Almost Famous Brand




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