The Soles of Our Outfits

“Good shoes take you good places.”

Every outfit has to have its final touches which include the most important part of the look, shoes. Sneakers, flats, heels, loafers, flip flops, moccasins, the list is endless. Each pair of shoes has its own personality and brings a different depth to an outfit.

Since you can’t leave the house without them, they’re the only piece that is never forgotten. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and make up, are all items that can be left at home, but not once have I ever over looked my shoes. Shoes are unforgettable.

Those who see your outfit shouldn’t forget the shoes either.  Your shoes should grab attention and complete a wardrobe. They set the mood of any look. For example sneakers mean casual and comfort whereas heels mean business and style. The look you are trying to achieve should be expressed most in the shoes you wear.

A pair of shoes can make or break a look. I personally try on a couple pair before deciding what looks best. Some of my favorite include; Suede Booties, Fabulous Fit Flat- Modcloth, and Red Keds Amazon.



The Suede Booties are wonderful with anything. Boots are fantastic in the fall, winter, and spring. So far I have worn them end of fall beginning of winter with jeans, dresses, and skirts. They’re what I call, heels disguised as boots. The two inch heels lift you up physically and emotionally, I always feel great when I wear these beauties. They are my go-to boots for almost any outfit.

The next shoe, Fabulous Fit Flat, are adorable and very girly. Any outfit I want to add a splash of pink to, these are the deal. When I first purchased them, they were a bit snug and rubbed my feet. Now that they’re broken in however, they are perfect. The style of these are so exotic that they’ll catch your attention.

Then finally my Red Keds, which I got from Goodwill, but can be found on Amazon. They are a narrow fit shoe and are not made for those with a wider foot. I love-love-love these though. They take a basic white tee and jeans outfit up a level with the bold addition of color. Because they are a sneaker, it is the look of ease and comfort.


Shoe shopping is a pastime that any girl can enjoy, especially when you find the pair. You know, the pair you just can’t resist buying. Something about them just draws your eye and you can’t help yourself, you want those shoes.

I had one of those moments, love at first sight if I am completely honest. Powdery blue color, soft material, all around easy on the eyes. I had to have them…and sure enough they came home with me that day.


But this is a rare occurance for me, shoes aren’t what I go searching for first. My intitial interest is the sales section, but that is for a different day.

The shoes you wear is your choice, and the shoes you fall in love with can be unexpected. But take chances with your shoes, walk boldly and enjoy it. Whatever your taste in shoes might be, don’t be afraid to wear them. Striking, slouchy, or just every-day, make sure it expresses you and your style.


The Holidays

Tis’ the season to be jolly!

Decorator’s Warehouse holds more Christmas decorations than even imaginable! Trees, ornaments, nativity sets, Santa Clauses, and everything in between. If you love Christmas, it’s the place to be and to be merry.


Since it is Christmas time, I figured I’d snap some themed photos feauring these items. Jacket: Faux Leather , Lace Top: Metallic Lace Top , and the shoes  which are featured in a previous post.

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Decorator’s Warehouse 

I absolutely loved all the glittering lights and merry music that played throughout this store. It was overwhelming at first, but by the end of the visit you don’t really want to leave! There’s so much to look at that you worry you might miss something, so you just keep looking. If you’re a Christmas fan of any kind, seriously go visit when you get the chance.

The outfit I’m wearing, I pieced it together with some apprehension. Light colors are something that you have to be careful with. You don’t want to blend the pieces together, there has to be distinguishing features. For example, I layered a dark color underneath the lace shirt and dark denim jeans were also added to darken the look of this outfit.

Another key concept that I base all my outfits off of is its comfort level. If you’re not comfortable in the look, you won’t be comfortable at all. Before picking these particular pieces, I had pieced together another outfit. That outfit wasn’t pleasant to be in, so I promptly changed. This is important, because if you enjoy what you wear your mood will be lighter.

When I am pleased with my outfit, chances are, that day will be great. No, it’s not always a given fact that the day will be amazing just because  you’re wearing a cute ensemble. An outfit can be on point and the day might turn out to be a dud, but it feels nice to dress well. Even so, it never hurts to play a little dress up and put a smile on your face


To all of you reading this, have a Merry Christmas and may your gifts be chic. Appreciate the holiday for more than just the gifts though, because it’s not all about the presents but His Presence. 

What to Layer?

“I’m sorry for what I wore when it was cold…”

It starts getting cold outside and the immediate response, wear the warmest sweat-shirt. All of us are culprits on this one, there is no getting around it. It’s is a fact of life: we get cold, we want/seek comfort.

Layering our clothes to keep warm doesn’t always come as naturally as  grabbing the nearest sweatshirt  and wearing it. Yes, lazy days are acceptable! Nobody looks perfect all the time (waking up in the morning is a reminder of that). But push through that difficulty, it’s worth it.

It is more of a challenge, but you can still look adorable when the weather is slighty chilly. Layering, layering, layering. It is an essential key to year round fashion. Nothing can be more beneficial than knowing how to do this little trick. The advice I follow is pretty basic…

Layering Tips: As We Stumble Along

1. Choose a Base Item

2. Pick Accessory Items

3. Add Actual Accessories


After understanding the “Basics of Layering” I started piecing this outfit together.

1. Just like the list says, I picked out my base item the maroon shirt (Mine was found at Cato Fashions, but a similar one can be found at Charlotte Russe ).

2. After that I chose the cropped sweater to add a pop of pattern (Mine was found at Plato’s Closet, the brand is Charlotte Russe).

3. Then finally: the boots, necklace, chunky watch, and jeans were added to complete the look.

4. (not on the list) Fix the pieces to blend together: roll base sleeves over top, adjust pants to fit over the boots, adjust necklace length


These tips can be applied to any outfit, it doesn’t have to be these exact items. I have integrated it into many outfits; flannels under sweaters, cardigans over button ups, dainty shirts under long sleeves. Take your pick! The fun comes in making the outfit. Not only that, warmth comes with layers (I personally add a Camisole under every outfit for more warmth). And if it gets even chillier outside, jackets are always a wonderful addition to an outfit.

Play around with this knowledge, try new things with your clothes! You might just be surprised with what you can come up with. I’d love feedback, show me anything you try out.

Remember: if you love your fashion, that’s all that matters. Be comfortable in the style you wear, do what pleases you and be bold.



Blanket Scarf

“Winter was made for warm blankets and large books.” (Unknown)

This is a statement I wholeheartedly agree with, nothing is better than cuddling up on the couch with a big book and a fluffy blanket. Personally, my favorite winter days are spent inside, avoiding the cold, engrossed in a book. The unfortunate part though, not every chilly day can be spent in this fashion.

For most of us, work and school are the main factor that prohibits us from just lounging around all day. This fact is really unfortunate to think about, we don’t get never ending lazy days. Not only do we have to go out into society, we have to leave our blankets at home. We can’t rock the toddler-with-blankie look, no matter how much we want to (it’s just not as cute on us!). But there is another option that’s not fashionably frowned upon; the Blanket Scarf.

This scarf is one of my favorite pieces, so much so that I own multiple in different colors. With all the colors in the scarf pictured above, it can be worn with a multitude of colors and outfits. Green, navy, red, are all displayed beautifully in this particuar scarf. It holds enough personality in itself that it doesn’t always need additional flare.

What I am seen wearing with it is a simple cream knit sweater, dark denim jeans, and suede booties. I have dressed casually, using the scarf as the main point of interest and intrigue for the outfit. But I’ve seen it dressed up, with jewelry and accessories to give it more pizazz. Both casual and dressy are equally chic in there own way!

Other accesories that have been paired with the scarf include; blazers, chunky bracelets, jean jackets, large purses, floppy hats, the list continues on! Anything goes with this scarf, except maybe plaid on plaid, but you be the judge of that. Afterall, it’s your style. Love the way you look, and love the clothes you wear. No judgement can bother you when you have your own confidence.

Blanket Scarf (Plaid Wrap)- Plaid Wrap- Francesca’s

Sweater (Similar)- Old Navy Sweater

Suede Booties- Owen Light Taupe

Denim Blue Jeans- Body Central, Almost Famous Brand